Springboard Schools Infant Program

Infancy is a time when senses develop, gross motor skills awaken and fine motor skills begin to emerge. Infants will go from sleeping most of the day to rolling over and eventually sitting up. It’s a crucial social time where the infant will notice and mimic the actions of those around them as they learn self expression. It is also time of deep observation as the infant learns to navigate their environment.

Springboard Schools believes that the infant’s environment needs to be warm, friendly and mimic the environment found at home. That’s why we offer an infant-only classroom with nurturers who love and know babies.

Program Highlights:

  • Low teacher-child ratio

  • Individualized care/feeding, diapering, nurturing

  • Plenty of floor time to practice rolling over and sitting up

  • A sensory rich environment with classical music, water play, snow/sand, paint bags and texture boards

  • Songs, fingerplays, reading, rhymes and games

  • Climbing structures and pull-up bars for those getting ready to move

  • Outdoor time/buggy rides/walks

  • Parent and teacher communication and developmental assessments