Springboard Schools Pre-Kindergarten Program

The Pre-Kindergarten age is full of inquiry and imagination. Pre-Kindergarteners begin to grasp more abstract concepts. They are inquisitive thinkers, always wondering about the world around them. They love stories, start to understand letter sounds or begin to read. They recognize numbers and practice basic mathematical concepts. They stretch their imaginations and social skills as they play with their peers.

Springboard Schools aims to foster the pre-kindergartener’s natural curiosities while also helping them grapple with new concepts in math, science, language, writing, art, engineering and more.

Program Highlights:

  • Inviting child-friendly classroom

  • Independent learning opportunities for each child

  • Teacher modeling of interaction, communication and conflict resolution

  • Books for group and independent exploration/reading readiness

  • Number games and concepts for independent and group learning

  • Art, engineering and music enrichment

  • Science projects focusing on outer space, climate, animals and more

  • Practice forming letters and writing name

  • Physical activity/outside play

  • Parent communication and developmental assessments