Springboard Schools Preschool Program

Preschool age is marked by rich curiosity, independence, and burgeoning social awareness. Preschoolers will learn to work within a community, ask inquisitive questions, and practice skills that will prepare them for Pre-Kindergarten. While fine motor skills continue to refine, cognitively the preschooler is ready to be introduced to basic educational concepts. Socially, preschoolers continue to practice communication, impulse control, self-expression and conflict resolution.

Springboard Schools believes that free time for exploration, coupled with guided instruction helps the preschooler prepare for Pre-Kindergarten and beyond.

Program Highlights:

  • Inviting child-friendly classroom

  • Toilet training and self-care

  • Teacher organized and spontaneous, child-lead activities and play

  • Books for group and independent exploration/reading readiness

  • Blocks and builders to encourage spacial reasoning and basic engineering concepts

  • Physical manipulatives and instruction for number sequencing and recognition

  • Science projects introducing the environment, our bodies and outer space

  • Pre-writing skills practice

  • Outside play/physical activities, dramatic play and art enrichment

  • Parent communication and developmental assessments