Springboard Schools – Sudbury

We close for the following major holidays: News Year’s Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We also close at noon the day before Thanksgiving and 4pm on New Year’s Eve. Holiday closings are subject to change.

Parent/Teacher Conferences and Teacher Training:
We close on Veteran’s Day and Patriot’s Day for parent/teacher conferences and teacher training.

Our Sudbury center has been educating children 6 weeks – 6 years old since 1994. It has a beautiful scenic view and is located within walking distance to White’s Pond. The children can enjoy nature walks throughout the year.

142-Q North Road
Sudbury, MA 01776
Hours: M-F 7:00am-6:00pm
Director: Keri Sellers
Phone: 978-369-4045

To enroll, please contact the center’s director for availability and applications.

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What Our Parents Are Saying:

Since 1987, Springboard Schools has played a part in the beginnings of thousands of children’s lives.  Here is what our current families say about their experiences (note that the testimonials rotate):

“Springboard Schools Sudbury has been such a wonderful experience for our family. Both of our children started in the infant room. Our son just entered Kindergarten this year, and our daughter will head to Kindergarten next year. From the early days in the infant room, helping to ease the difficult transition back to work, to the later years, preparing them so well for Kindergarten, and everything in between, it has been such a comfort knowing our children are in such a caring and nurturing environment. The staff truly care about the children, helping them to thrive emotionally, socially and educationally, and really make the effort to connect with the parents, communicating on a daily basis about the details of our children’s days. Most importantly, our kids have loved it there, are very well prepared for Kindergarten, and have made so many wonderful friends along the way (and so have us parents). We are grateful for all our family has gained from our years at Springboard Schools Sudbury.”

Kim Kanki, Parent at Springboard Schools Sudbury

“We have been bringing our children to Springboard Schools Sudbury for more than 8 years and have experienced every room – multiple times. We recommend Springboard Schools Sudbury so highly not because they have lots of toys, or do imaginative projects, or because the school is clean, bright, and vibrant. To be sure it is all of those things, but that is not why love it. We love it because the teachers genuinely care about our boys. Everyday our boys are met by smiling happy teachers who say hi and ask how they are doing, not just the adults. And they come home smiling every day. They tell us about the games they played with their friends, books they shared in class, art projects they worked on. They do this because the teachers care enough to make Springboard Schools Sudbury a special place for them. The few times there has been a concern, Kim and the other teachers have always taken the time to talk to us over the phone or meet in person to listen and work with us. The highest compliment we can pay to Springboard Schools Sudbury is to say we don’t worry about the children when they are at “school.”

Carla and Eric Sechman, Parents at Springboard Schools Sudbury

“For anyone looking for care you can not only trust but rely on, I highly recommend Springboard Schools Sudbury. I originally picked them for somewhat superficial reasons: the location (close to work and situated on a hill overlooking rolling fields that are gorgeous at sunset) and the work-friendly hours (open at 7:00 a.m until 6 p.m.). But I stayed because they are a group of dedicated professionals who truly care about their wards. First of all, the staff is largely made up of teachers who have been there for a long time; that is somewhat unusual in daycare. What that means is that they care and have roots in the place. It also means that the children get attached to their caregivers and can count on them. Another unusual feature is that the teachers for all age groups cover for each other during breaks, so the students get to know ALL the teachers and disruption is minimized if their primary teacher has to be out. Teachers get to know students well. One of my fondest memories is of a teacher at SCLC who, knowing my daughter had an egg allergy and that we celebrate the Jewish holidays, presented me one day with several egg free recipes, including one for potato pancakes that I still use to this day. You feel the teachers really know and love your kids. The infant room teachers cuddle the babies all day, and you can tell they love it. The toddler teachers know your children well enough to tip you off when a tooth is coming in, or an illness might be on the way (telling you, “He’s just not himself today.”). The Preschool and PreK teachers ease the children into academics and MORE than prepare them for kindergarten: both socially and academically. They take time to talk to you at drop-off and pick-up and to listen to and respond to your concerns. The directors I’ve worked with have also been accommodating and flexible and compassionate. The rates are reasonable, with many add-on’s an option, including swimming lessons (both my kids learned to swim here), language lessons, music enrichment, and gymnastics. I have no reservations about recommending Springboard Schools Sudbury. I feel my children are in the care of intelligent, caring, professionals every day, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”

Danielle Weisse, Parent at Springboard Schools Sudbury

“The longevity of the director and staff is something that really impressed our family.”

“When your daughter runs to the teachers in the mornings excited to see them it gives us an amazing sense of comfort leaving her.”

Bryan VanAlstine, Parent at Springboard Schools Sudbury

“Our 3-children have been attending Springboard Schools Sudbury for 5-years.  The teachers have created a loving and comfortable environment, while also preparing our children educationally and socially for Kindergarten.  Our oldest child (now in 1st grade) occasionally helps pick-up her younger siblings and is always greeted by a warm hug from her former teachers. The Malachowski family highly recommends Springboard Schools Sudbury”

Malachowski Family, Maynard, Parents at Springboard Schools Sudbury

“We are very happy with the Springboard Sudbury. We know our child is well taken care of. The teachers are caring, responsive and thoughtful. The administration is caring, responsive, and thoughtful. The children get a variety of experiences throughout their day; outside time, music class, yoga class, reading time. The snacks are healthy. It’s a great place!”

Valentine Family, Parents at Springboard Schools Sudbury

“Our son has been with Springboard Schools for five months now, he joined the infant room at 8 months old. He had been cared for in our home by his grandmother leading up to that point so we were very nervous about his transition to a daycare environment. From day one everyone at Springboard has made us feel welcomed and accepted. They made the transition as painless as possible and I can tell that every single caregiver truly cares for their students. The infant teachers have always gone above and beyond to ensure that our son is well cared for, loved, and enriched each day. I love seeing the photos they post of him doing fun activities or engaging with his classmates. Even when he is home sick, they call to check in on him. Our son, now 13 months, thoroughly enjoys going to school, he usually lets out a little giggle when we pull into the parking lot and is happy to wave bye-bye to mommy when I drop him of. A big thanks to everyone at Springboard for treating us like family.”

Schwebach Family, Parents at Springboard Schools Sudbury