Toddler Program

The main work of the toddler is to practice independence. Toddlers explore action and reaction as they strive for autonomy. They refine their motor skills as they work to walk and then run. Cognitively, they become more aware of patterns and order of operations. In social situations, they practice interaction, impulse control and begin to understand pretend play.

Here at Springboard Schools we understand that the toddler years are a vibrant time seeing huge leaps in physical, cognitive and motor growth. Springboard provides a toddler-friendly learning environment that encourages exploration and self-care.

Program Highlights:

  • Inviting child-friendly classroom

  • Sensory tables, beading, play dough, and other craft supplies for fine motor development and expression

  • Modeling and mentoring in social interactions, imaginative play and conflict resolution

  • Wide variety of books for group reading and independent exploration

  • Fingerplays, rhymes, songs and stories

  • Self-led, project-based activities

  • Focus on self-care and beginning stages of toilet training

  • Physical activity/outside time